Windows Movie Maker Security Update for Vista

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The easiest way to create photo presentations

For Vista and Windows 7 users: Windows Movie Maker is included in Windows Live Essentials.For XP users: Windows Movie Maker is automatically installed to your computer when you install Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP2). It is not available as a separate download.

Windows Movie Maker is a useful tool that is a video editor and creator all in one.

If you think that creating a video with your photos is too complicated, think again and take a look at Windows Movie Maker.


This easy-to-use movie maker software lets you create completely customizable multimedia presentations that include not only your best shots and favorite video clips, but also some nice video and transition effects that will add a professional touch.

How to use

Windows Movie Maker is really simple to use: import all the media you'd like to use (images, video files and even video captured in real time) and drag it onto the timeline. Add as many effects as you like, and check how everything looks in the preview window. There's even a special tool in Windows Movie Maker that lets you add titles and credits to your movie.

Additional features

Once your work is finished, Windows Movie Maker lets you export the video to several different formats, depending on where you want to use it: publishing it on a website, recording it to a CD or simply saving it to your hard drive are some of the options included.

That said, bear in mind that Windows Movie Maker is intended for people with little or no movie making experience, which means that more advanced users may find it a bit too limiting.

With Windows Movie Maker you can easily create video presentations with your favorite photos, video clips and some nice transition effects.


  • Very easy to use
  • Works with images and videos
  • Includes many video and transition effects
  • Exports to several formats


  • Too simple for advanced users

Program available in other languages

Windows Movie Maker Security Update for Vista

  • Free

  • In English
  • V 975561
  • 3.5


User reviews about Windows Movie Maker Security Update for Vista

  • Nur Fatira

    by Nur Fatira

    this app is best too much . thank you for this app . i can make more video and edit from this app

  • Nilo Canonizado

    by Nilo Canonizado

    yes... because it's good this kind of software can provide you results that you are expecting and This is recommendable to friends and other colleague More

  • sofia Pasache inga

    by sofia Pasache inga

    bueno es una buena herramienta de edición ya que nos ayuda que nuestro video sea completo y original

  • dragan marinkovic

    by dragan marinkovic

    it is best for movien maker.And for workin with pics and music

  • Arrao Alwala

    by Arrao Alwala

    vey good and very useful..jknknknknnnnjbjb we hr weo r we oweroi nf ;r vort

  • Delone Budiongan

    by Delone Budiongan

    The language is not English. If you want your users to experience the best you should start it by using a universal language so that your customers ca More


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